compraventabarcelona by Fincas Gonseni is a business group founded in 1976 by experts in property management.

The Company fully manages 5,000 owners´ houses. In addition, the Department of Rental Management manages a portfolio of more than 1,000 private investor interests.

The compraventabarcelona by Fincas Gonseni team is operational in the following areas: Management, Residents´ Association Management, Commercial Department comprising Purchase, and Property Rentals and Customer Service or incidents.

Our committed personnel team offers specialisation and has broad experience in this sector.

Mission and values:

Rent or sell our clients assets in the best conditions and in the least possible time.

Solve any problems for the tenant or owners with the maximum speed;

With a philosophy as a common denominator, solve the concerns not only of our clients, but also our employees, so that they feel supported and valued at all times.

Administration manager

Community department manager

Sales Manager


The management of the association is aimed at preserving the property through appropriate actions for proper maintenance and strict economic management, equipped with the resources of efficiency, rigour, information, privacy, security and transparency. The Company manages 5,000 owner-occupied housing units.

The associations department provides the following services:

  • Lodging legal claims for collection from defaulters, through prior authorisation, and without advance payment either to lawyers or solicitors until the conclusion of the lawsuit.
  • Monitoring of the legal regulations for official review of extinguishers, hoses, gas, lifts and their compliance before industry, as well as paperwork for the legalisation of car parks.
  • New Low Voltage Regulations for Buildings, and Environmental Law regarding car parks.
  • Technical inspection of the building.
  • Electric vehicle installations
  • Mortgage and Inheritance Advice.
  • Advice on Common hold Property Law.

Insurance of Associations, homes, premises, vehicles.

The marketing of your property (apartment, house, premises, office, car park or industrial warehouse) will be supervised by a sales executive who will follow the whole process, advising you on the necessary updates to rent it under the best conditions, informing you constantly of the negotiations and offering you solvency reports on the applicants.

We manage the advertising of your property skilfully so that it arrives as quickly as possible to the greatest number of interested parties, both by traditional means and with the appropriate digital tools.

To finish the process with the maximum-security guarantees, we deal with the negotiation and drafting of the rental contract and guarantees through the advice of our legal team, and we will manage the control of the water, electricity and gas supplies of the rented property.


 Your property adviser will guide you through the entire marketing process and inform you of the ongoing process. We will start with the free assessment and valuation of your property and together we will set the optimum price for the sale in the best conditions.

We will manage the advertising of your property skilfully so that it is visible as quickly as possible to the maximum number of buyers, both by traditional means and with the appropriate digital tools.

The main objective of the whole process will be the sale of your property in the best conditions and with complete security, putting the legal, fiscal and technical advice of our current team of professionals at your disposal


We become your personal property shopper (Buyer’s Agent) so that we are the ones who are in charge of looking for different options, and you only have to choose the property that meets your expectations and requirements.

We are used to dealing with this common problem, and through the service of personal property shopper, we will help you find what you want.

Our team will take care of all the usual administrative procedures, and will be fully involved in the guarantee of collection and updating of the duration of the contracts.

We have a management service for any issue with the property. We have got this far because of our experience and a continuous spirit of improvement. Some of our clients, with all their different properties, have enjoyed a business relationship with us for 40 years, and their satisfaction is the best guarantee of our service.

compraventabarcelona by Fincas Gonseni has a Department Legal Advice that has the experience and training necessary to provide the company’s customers with a service based on excellence, rigor, soundness and the necessary resources for the development of its activity .  

The Legal Advisory service of the company is specialized in the management of real estate law files, offering them a quality legal service that advises them during the relationship with our company